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    HHP: Orioles Analytics

    by 33rdst

    One of the most impressive things Duquette did IMO when he came on board was to create a department of Analytics.


    Coordinator Baseball Analytics Sarah Gelles
    Coordinator Video Michael Silverman
    Coordinator Advanced Scouting Ben Werthman

    During his tenure it has become somewhat apparent that Duquett places value on 26-29 year old players who have not reached their potential and who have shown above average ability in one or more of these areas OBP. SLG, defense, k rate, BB/9inn WHIP etc.. Duquette seems to think that this is an area of opportunity and has aggressively sought to mine it's potential. To what extent do you think his Analytics department has played a role in this decision and do you think they/he is on to something?

    An example of such a player is the Orioles most recent signing, Brett Wallace. With over 1000 major league abs you would think teams have a pretty good reading on his ability. Yet he's still young at 27 and while his minor league numbers are not in Davis' range, they're still exceptionally good. Could Wallace be the next Davis? What makes the O's front office think that he will succeed here?

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