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    HHP: Who is Adam Jones?

    by BarclaySouthway

    Guys generally don't change that much unless they're getting pitched around. It's pretty common for guys to get a little more disciplined at the plate as they mature, though. 

    Couple of comps for Adam Jones:

    Torii Hunter
    age 22-29: .321 OBA
    age 30- present: .345 OBA

    Reggie Smith (most similar to AJ at age 27--nice comp BTW!)
    age 22-29: .360 OBA
    age 30-37: .377 OBA
    (different offensive environment might be a factor here)

    It's not always the case though:

    Andre Dawson (second best comp at 27--AJ's in awesome company on that list!)
    age 22-29 .329 OBA
    age 30-38 .323 OBA

    He was the exact same player. Which wasn't bad.

    Adam Jones 
    age 22-present: .324 OBA

    It's reasonable to hope that Adam can push that up to .340 over the next couple years. 

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