• Apr

    HHP: Hunter Harvey Report

    by DrShorebird

    Hunter Harvey pitched very well last night. His pitches are fun to watch. His pitches move about very nicely.

    On the negative side, I was surprised at his immature reactions to what may have been missed calls by the ump. He comes from a baseball family and his father was an All Star pitcher, surely they must have taught him that showing up the ump will not help him get close calls in the future. When you stand on the mound and throw your head back and arms down in "disbelief" you don't make a favorable impression on any one. The ump handled it well even though Hunter did this on multiple occasions during the first three innings.

    Hunter is a competitive kid, but he must become a competitive man. On the positive side, Hunter handled the HR off him very well and it did not appear to affect his pitching.

    Final line  He pitched five innings, struck out six and allowed two earned runs. He also walked three and gave up a home run.

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