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    HHP: Is Dariel Alvarez the Most Aggressive in the System?

    by RZNJ

    Could be. I thought it was very interesting last year when at Frederick, he only struck out one time in 39 at bats. That's pretty amazing even for a ML quality hitter, which Alvarez isn't yet. Then he went up to Bowie and didn't do nearly as well, striking out 9 times in 31 AB's. There was word that he had lots of trouble with offspeed stuff. Then he hit very poorly in the Arizona Fall League but with only 7 strikeouts in 67 AB's.

    Now, early in the season at Bowie, Alvarez is at it again. He has only struck out 1 time in his first 33 AB's. He also has no walks. I watched him last night on the minor league tv feed. I've never seen such an aggressive hitter. I know he swung at he first pitch twice, maybe 3 times in 4 AB's. He did not see more than 2 pitches in any AB's. He looks like he'll swing at anything in the strike zone on the first pitch, although amazingly took a first pitch fastball down the middle his last time up before lining an inside fastball (showing good bat speed) into LF for a single.

    He looks like he has talent. He's playing CF. I saw him run the bases and he looked to have at least average speed although he did fall rounding 3B on an Ohlman double to right center late in the game. His arm is reportedly plus or even plus plus. He made a throw from deep center late in the game that was a perfect one hopper to the 3B that was just a tad late in getting the runner. 

    It looks like he has the tools to get to the majors but I can't imagine his style leading to too much success as it currently stands.

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