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    HHP: Dan Duquette Interview from 105.7

    by Wildcard

    I thought this was a good one covering many topics: (paraphrased)

    1)Why is Wieters so good this year?

    Sounds like he has better balance at the plate. This year has has his hands a little bit lower, his timing is better and he is hitting the ball the other way.

    2) Everyone thought Weeks would be sent down. Why Lombardozzi?

    Jemile's value is that he gets on base. He makes the pitchers work. He can steal a base and also plays a number of positions. If we needed a everyday 2B we would have stuck with Lombo but it was more a utility position and Buck was looking for someone to get on base and steal a base late in the game.

    Flaherty can play SS. That solidified his spot.

    We are going to try to develop Schoop as an everyday ballplayer.

    Lombo did a nice job. I don't know if I have ever sent someone down that was hitting .290. But I am sure he will be back.

    3) Is Schoop going to be our 2B this year?

    Schoop has the great power, excellent hands and a terrific arm. He can be a good everyday ballplayer. ......He has awesome power. I know he can play 2B because he has the good hands and his arm is good on the relay and the double play. He really has the better tools out of all those guys. And he's the youngest. So it makes sense to help him develop so he can be an everyday ballplayer.

    I think he will have some ups and downs with his pitch selection. He has to get a little more disciplined and his pitch recognition on the breaking ball needs to improve. But he can really put a charge in the ball and consistently turn the double play and use his arm as an asset.

    4) Steve Pearce made a incredible contribution.

    Yes, that was not too smart when we DFA'd him a week ago. He was happy to come back when Davis got hurt. He made some nice defensive plays as well. He is going to have a opportunity to play and I am glad he worked with us and came back.

    5) Jimenez has been disappointing. Are you concerned?

    Ubaldo is going to have to pitch effective and show some leadership. And pitch late in the games. Tonight we are going to need him to pitch late in the game. I expect he is going to pitch a good ball game. He has pitched well before and I think he will come around. We certainly needs him to come around.

    He has had some really good years. Last year he was the best pitcher in the league from the All-Star break on. I think he will come around.

    6) How long is Chris Davis going to be out do you think?

    He is eligible to come back after May 11th. These oblique strains take about 3 weeks.

    7) Kevin Gausman hurt himself. How long until he has ability to pitch?

    He had a strain from coughing. He is going to the doctor today. He will not make his start today. We will probably put him on the DL at AAA. We have to find out more about it.

    8) What about JJ Hardy. Are you going to try to sign him to an extension?

    We had some discussion this spring. But I am not going to comment on that during the season.

    If we have Manny and JJ playing of the left side of the infield every day that is a big asset for the team. Then we can put some distance between the wins and the losses on the plus side.

    9) How is Dylan Bundy and can he help in the majors this year?

    He is doing well. He is throwing off the mound. He is throwing all his pitches. It shouldn't be long before he is ready to go out and pitch. He and Santana are doing well in Florida. And should be able to help us later in the year. Dylan to be fair needs some more time in the minors before he can come up and contribute.

    10) Are you please with Bud Norris this year?

    He has developed a change up that has helped him this year. He has been a consistent starter for us. Last year he won 10 games. This year he is on track to have another good year...... I think there is more room for improvement with Norris. His change up is good, he has a good breaking pitch and his delivery is uncomplitcated which makes in repeatable.

    11) Meek was sent down. Was that a performance issue or just that you needed a roster spot?

    Evan pitched well early in the year but his last couple of appearances he has not be able to have consistency. Too many walks and hit batters. We are going to send him down.


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