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    HHP: Buck Interview - Includes Tommy and Matt

    by Wildcard


    Interview from 105.7 The Fan
    There is a lot in this interview but I will pick out a few things that I found interesting and the post the link for you to listen to the rest.
    On Tommy Hunter:
    Buck:  If you think I will not make an adjustment then you probably don't know me too well.

    On Zach Britton:
    Buck: What would you do about the Closer?
    Davis and Norris:  Zach Britton.  His WHIP is under 1.00. And Britton's splits are great. Both lefties and righties are under 2.00 against him.
    Buck: Do you think he can pitch three days in a row? Or two?

    On Gausman's innings limit for the year (before yestersday's game):
    Buck: With the way Gausman has gone now, we could let him go until the end of October if he took the horse by the reigns and ran with this thing.
    Heck, we could go with 6 starters and mix and match it and have one of them pitch out the bullpen on their work day and make it work that way.

    On Wieters' injury:
    Davis and Norris:  Is this one of those things where if it does not heal by rest its a Tommy John thing?
    Buck: Yes.  Well if something doesn't heal by rest that is the next procedure... if at the 6 week mark this thing isn't playable then that is probably the way this thing is going to go.


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