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    HHP: CaptainRedbeard drops some Zach Facts

    by Hangout Staff

    Britton has an 83.9% ground ball rate this year. That is lunacy. He's allowed 4 FLY BALLS ALL YEAR. It shouldn't be possible. 

    For reference for those who are not familiar, league average GB% is usually around 45%. Brad Ziegler, who is the most GB heavy pitcher of all time,* has never topped 75.5% in a single season and owns a 66.2% career rate. Britton would likely be at a nearly unprecedented level if he maintained anywhere near this dominance all season.

    By FIP, which doesn't count for batted ball types, Britton should have a 3.10 ERA. Good, solid, even closer worthy. By SIERA, which does account for batted ball types, he's at 1.90. That's nearly Kimbrel-esque. And that's not even counting his 1-2-3 inning tonight with 3 more ground balls.

    The other silly thing is he's throwing 90.6% sinkers. That pitch is breaking the laws of physics. You shouldn't be able to do that to major league hitters. I mean, we're looking at a level of dominance of a single pitch that rivals Mariano's cutter, if not exceeding it. I know it's only 20 or so innings and hitters are going to adjust, but these are video game type numbers we're dealing with.

    Britton has no other pitches, really. The slider is mediocre, the change completely nonexistent. He can't sustain the velocity as a starter. He's also had health problems in the past, and he gets such unreal movement I just feel like there's no way that can't be hard on his arm.

    All signs say he should be in the pen.

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