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    HHP: Who Stands Out in the Orioles Draft?

    by eb45

    Here's the guys drafted after round 10 that could be nice additions if they sign:

    Jean Cosme - Puerto Rico HS righty, PG loves him, BA had him fifth among Puerto Rican prospects. Projectable frame, hits low-90s, shows decent curve. No college commitment. Not sure what that means but it could mean he signs.

    Gage Burland - Gonzaga commit, big, athletic frame, PG says "easy" low-90s, saw a real nice curve on video. PG says he has some feel for a change but I didn't see it. Doubt he signs, but you never know. Ayers signed last year.

    Brandon Koch - UC Riverside commit, ideal body, good mechanics, movement on FB. PG only has him at 87 but with his frame (6'5, 200) there's a good chance he could see a big jump. Got interest from basically a who's who of top college programs, including LSU, Cal Poly, UCLA, Fullerton, USC, Oregon, and Indiana. Probably would be best served going to college, but if he signs, he could be one to watch.

    Hunter Hart - Indiana commit, out with a knee injury, will throw for O's scouts before they make him an offer. 6'3, 180, PG has him up to 90 but sitting around 86-88. Another guy who'd probably improve his draft stock considerably by going to college, but the O's could get a bargain if teams passed on him because of the knee.

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