• Jun

    HHP: Dylan Bundy Report

    by Oldorioles

    I just got back from the game. Overall, Dylan looked good. His fastball had lots of movement and he was consistently 90-93, and I saw 94 on the stadium gun twice. That being said, he threw the fastball a lot, he seemed to have trouble with his secondary pitches.

    As was mentioned, he bounced several in front of the plate. He did get two K's on offspeed stuff, but in general it was his fastball that carried him. He also seemed to labor in the last inning, more pitches were missing and guys were starting to make contact. You could see him trying to reach back for a little something more and his release point was becoming a bit inconsistent.

    Again, overall it was a real nice performance...his fastball was dominant. I'd say he's right on schedule with his rehab. I do NOT think his next start should be in Bowie, I think another in Aberdeen makes much more sense. I really, really don't think he should be rushed up to Baltimore this season.

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