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    HHP: Do We DFA Lough?

    by gmelson26

    I feel like this topic is brought up in nearly every other thread out there. I wanted to have a discussion specifically about Lough.

    First of all, to clarify, Lough is out of options. He either stays in Baltimore or would be exposed to waivers. 

    Last year in KC he batted .286/.311/.413 in 315 ABs. This year .182/.262/.282 in 110 ABs. Not good, could get better? last year could have been an outlier? 

    He is 0 for 12 against lefties for a .000/.000/.000 line and .204/.291/.316 against righties. Cannot hit lefties to save his life... can't really hit righties to save his life for that matter. (Side note: Valencia has hit 1 HR 7 RBI this year, so basically a wash overall in terms of the trade). In June, however, his line is much improved at .273/.385/.591.

    Some fun facts: He leads the pack of 5 in negative oWAR with -0.3 (along with the likes of pinch hit sensation Flaherty, Schoop, Hundley, and Machado). 
    In the upper 3rd of the team in dWAR, despite very limited play with 0.5. 
    Leads the team in stolen bases with 5.

    So we cannot send him down. Ultimately, I do not think he will pass through waivers whatsoever. Furthermore, I don't think we should send him down. Now let me be clear, I'm not really a fan of Lough. He has been a huge disappointment, but he is an Oriole so I hope for the utter best. 

    That all being said, I don't think we CAN afford to send him down. He's the only person on our team with real speed. There is, at times, a real need for that on the team. Also, I did not realize this until about 10 minutes ago when I was looking at some splits, but he's hitting well this month, albeit in a necessarily very SSS (.976 OPS). It might suggest that he's settling down with his new team in his new role and starting to bat closer to last year's numbers.

    The idea of DFAing or trying to pass him through waivers is usually discussed around players like Reimold, Peguero, etc. To me, the option to add one of these types of players is going to be trading Young, hopefully to fill one of our other needs, pitching, 2nd base for example. I like Young, he's thriving, but so is Pearce. No sense in having both if we're log-jammed elsewhere (assuming we can get something for him, that's key).

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