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    HHP: Positional Depth

    by 25Nuggets

    We're trying to figure out how to improve the team by the trade deadline and I realize there aren't many places to improve without doing some sort of big-time deal. So just because, I took a cursory look at the 13 positional players on our 25 man roster. Here it is by rWAR:

    3.0 Adam Jones
    3.0 Steve Pearce
    2.9 Nelson Cruz
    1.7 Manny Machado
    1.6 JJ Hardy
    0.9 Nick Markakis
    0.8 Chris Davis
    0.8 Caleb Joseph
    0.6 Delmon Young
    0.4 David Lough
    0.3 Jonathan Schoop
    0.2 Nick Hundley
    0.1 Ryan Flaherty

    Every single one of them is contributing, at least by this metric. In fact, the team total is 16.7 rWAR including Wieters, Clevinger, Weeks, Lombardozzi and all the pitchers. How does this stack up?

    20.6 Los Angeles (A)
    20.2 Oakland
    16.7 Baltimore
    14.8 Los Angeles (N)
    14.7 Colorado
    14.6 Cincinnati
    14.4 Toronto
    14.3 Pittsburgh
    13.1 Detroit
    13.0 Milwaukee
    12.5 Saint Louis
    11.7 Kansas City
    11.7 Arizona
    11.6 Tampa Bay
    11.3 New York (N)
    11.2 San Francisco
    11.1 Washington
    10.6 Miami
    10.0 Seattle
    9.8 Cleveland
    8.8 Chicago (A)
    8.6 Texas
    8.3 Boston
    8.1 Atlanta
    7.8 New York (A)
    7.2 Houston
    7.0 Minnesota
    4.9 San Diego
    4.2 Philadelphia
    3.4 Chicago (N)

    ...understandably the NL clubs get docked a little for having more plate appearances by their pitchers, as opposed to a big DH. Nonetheless the Orioles score 3rd best combining offense with defense, in all of baseball! That's an accomplishment. That is depth showing.

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