• Jul

    HHP: The Oriole Way

    by Frobby

    The Yankees got me to thinking about how rarely the Orioles beat themselves. And, how often the other team does. 

    In recent weeks, it seems to me the O's have won because they haven't given away runs, while our opponents consistently have. I'm thinking of Andrus blowing a routine DP grounder that led to a 4-run inning, Bogaerts' several miscues in the Boston series, Desmond's idiotic attempt to throw to 3B when he had a decent shot to throw out Cruz at 1B to keep the Orioles off the board, and Jeter's error and Kuroda's wild pitches last night. That's off the top of my head. 

    Overall, the O's have scored 29 unearned runs, while allowing only 18. And it's amazing how often that factor seems to be decisive in games. 

    Growing up as a kid, I took great pride in the fact that the Orioles played great defense and almost always made the smart play, and took advantage when the other team didn't. And I feel that way about these Orioles. That's one part of the Oriole Way that I'm glad is back

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