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    O's feel good about Matusz, sign a few others

    Ok, here's the latest... The Orioles are feeling good about where they are at with Matusz but have to let the day play out as other players sign and so forth.

    The Orioles are in play for Kevin Brady and have a significant offer on the table for him. they are hopeful they can get him in the fold as well. Even though it's doubtful, the Orioles do have a significant offer on the table to Landers as well. Landers is looking for second round money and the orioles don't think he's worth that, so they have their offer on the table and will see how much Kanders wants to sign or go to college.

    The Orioles have signed 45th rounder RHP Zachary Petersime and are close to signing Puerto Rican high school catcher Xavier Lopez who they originally were very close to signing earlier this year before he went off to play for the Puerto Rican national team.

    The Orioles made offers to Jarret Martin (wanted $700K) and Art Charles but both are going to college.

    I know some folks just say give these kids what they want, but you have to understand that this is a business and you have to be able to get return on your investments. You can't just start giving out 2nd round money to every kid that wants it because the reality is, most of these kids will flame out whether it's because of injury or the fact that they are just not as good as they think.

    Remember, some of these kids will be available in three years and unless they do something spectacular, they are going to be available in the 2nd round or later as a 21-year old and they will actually be cheaper.

    Sometimes kids just prefer to go to college, and that's fine. Everyone is different and there is no right or wrong answers. Each kid has to make his own decision based on his own situation and it's the Orioles job to try and give them some things to think about by going professionally.

    Guys like Landers and Martin have big upsides, but they also have issues that allowed them to fall into the later rounds.

    Whether the Orioles sign them or not, you have to give the Orioles credit for drafting them and giving it a shot, especially in the rounds they were taken.

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