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    Lineup Improved, but Still Missing Impact Bat


    Now that Derek Lee is in the fold for first base this year, it begs the question, "How good could we have been if the Orioles had signed Adam Dunn as well?" Now I know as well as you that Dunn had said he didn't want to DH, but it appears he's fine with DHing in Chicago.

    Imagine this lineup:

    1. Brian Roberts - 2B
    2. Nick Markakis - RF
    3. Derek Lee - 1B
    4. Adam Dunn - DH
    5. Mark Reynolds - 3B
    6. Luke Scott - LF
    7. Matt Wieters - C
    8. Adam Jones - CF
    9. JJ Hardy - SS

    Don't get me wrong, I said before the off season moves got going that I would be happy with the additions of Reynolds, Hardy and Lee and I am, but I just dream that we could have signed Dunn's impact bat for the middle of the lineup. As if stands now, the lineup is much improved over the 2009 version, and with the hopeful improvement of the young pitchers, things are looking up for the 2011 season. However, I still think we need one more impact bat before we can start to think of competing in the AL East. The good news is that Matt Wieters and Adam Jones still have the potential to turn into those bats and a healthy Nolan Remold could be a welcome addition as well,

    As it stands as of today, the lineup should look something like this:

    1. Brian Roberts - 2B
    2. JJ Hardy - SS
    3. Nick Markakis - RF
    4. Derek Lee - 1B
    5. Luke Scott - DH
    6. Mark Reynolds - 3B
    7. Matt Wieters - C
    8. Adam Jones - CF
    9. Pie/Reimold - LF

    Jones and Hardy could switch around of course and Wieters could force himself higher in the lineup if he starts to fulfill his immense potential, but that's pretty much what we're looking at in 2011. It's better than 2009, but without Dunn, it loses that special flavor.

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