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    Welcome to the New Orioles Hangout


    How special is this season going to be?

    We redesigned the Hangout just to celebrate what we think is going to be the best year this organization has seen in 13 years.

    I can't believe it's actually been almost six years since we did a major change to the Hangout's look and feel. With all the changes in social networking, it was clearly time for us to do something different yet remember what makes us popular. We've added a focus on blogs, our Twitter posts are located on the lower right-hand portion of the site, and you can now like all of our content and share it on Facebook.

    The old staples like Paul's Orioles game recaps, minor league game summaries and our Plus content are still here, but hopefully in a form more pleasing to the eye.

    The message board has been redesigned a bit as well although we tried to stay close to the popular look and feel.

    The best part is OH will continue to evolve as we continue to add different features and content throughout the season.

    We hope you enjoy the new site as much as you enjoy the new-look Orioles in 2011 and beyond.

    Thanks for all you support and I look forward to bringing you the Hangout for years to come.

    - Tony Pente

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Tony Pente

Tony has owned and operated Orioles Hangout since 1996 and is well known for his knowledge of the Baltimore Orioles organization from top to bottom. He's a frequent guest on Baltimore-area sports radio stations and can be heard regularly on the 105.7 FM The Fan. His knowledge and contacts within the Orioles minor league system and the major league baseball scouting industry is unparalleled in the Baltimore media and is known as an expert on the Orioles prospects.