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    The Game Thread Experience at Orioles Hangout

    Have you ever watched a game with 300 people in the same room? Well, if you come into a game thread here at OH you just might.

    Last night, during the O’s horrendous 15 inning defeat to the New York Yankees, 314 people were in the game thread at midnight chatting about the Orioles.

    The game thread is pretty much the only place on OH where it’s the wild, wild, west. It’s the only place where you can just rant, rave, cheer, or just say what’s on your mind without a concern of being held accountable in the morning. Well, at least that’s the concept. The board’s rules are bent severely in the game thread which pretty much means as long as you don’t go into a head spinning exorcist –like curse-fest you are probably good.

    While some people don’t get that concept and come into the game thread and talk about the big picture and tell people to calm down, the vast majority of us get it, and we love it. Honestly, I’d almost rather watch the game on TV while chatting in the game thread then go to the game itself.

    It’s like watching the game at the local bar except no one has to find a designated driver and we can just destroy our own stuff when things go bad rather than risk paying a bar keep for the mirror you just broke ala Crash Davis after he finds out Nuke is going to the show.

    So I invite you to come in and sit down next to us and just let it all out. Although this team finds a way to frustrate us more than make us happy, the fact that last night’s game thread garnered over 32,900 page views means it must be serving a purpose.

    Of course that purpose may be to just vent, but we won’t hold it against on the rest of the board!

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Tony Pente

Tony has owned and operated Orioles Hangout since 1996 and is well known for his knowledge of the Baltimore Orioles organization from top to bottom. He's a frequent guest on Baltimore-area sports radio stations and can be heard regularly on the 105.7 FM The Fan. His knowledge and contacts within the Orioles minor league system and the major league baseball scouting industry is unparalleled in the Baltimore media and is known as an expert on the Orioles prospects.