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    MacPhail's plan has failed

    I think by now everyone knows of the Orioles’ latest implosion, but a quick look at the Boxscore just shows how sad the situation is right now with the Orioles pitching.

    The ERAs of the six pitchers that threw in last night’s debacle are as follows:

    Starter:  5.76
    Reliever #1: 7.36
    Reliever #2: 5.58
    Reliever #2: 5.82
    Reliever #2:  Infinite (as they don’t have a number big enough)
    Reliever #2:  6.65

    Every pitcher the Orioles threw out there had spent time in AAA this season except for Gonzales (5.82) and that’s only because he’s making $6 million this year and has too much service time for the Orioles to send him to AAA without his consent. That and the fact that they are down to bringing up guys who haven’t pitched in the major leagues in four years.

    Oh, in case you are wondering, the Orioles have two pitchers with an ERA under 4.00 and both are relievers (Koji – 1.84 and Jim Johnson – 2.73) and neither is the closer.

    Remember the cavalry? They were the backbone of Andy MacPhail’s “grow the arms and buy the bats philosophy?”

    Brian Matusz: 8.77 ERA and now in AAA
    Chris Tillman: 4.69 ERA and now in AAA
    Jake Arrieta: 5.10 ERA (6.18 ERA over his last 10 starts)
    Brad Bergesen: 5.76 ERA, spot starter/reliever, AAA time
    Jason Berken: 5.58 ERA in relief with AAA time
    Zach Britton: 4.05 ERA back in AAA (mainly to keep his innings down though)

    Apparently the cavalry was led by General Custer.

    Triple-A is a barren wasteland of either failed big leaguers back to get more experience, AAAA type relievers and Britton who is being kept on a strict innings limit. Double-A has Oliver Drake, the 24-year old just up from Frederick and Single-A has Bobby Bundy and Clayton Schrader. Both Drake and Bundy profile right now as a middle to back end of the rotation guys and Schrader is a bullpen guy.

    That’s what’s on the horizon folks, and it’s not much.

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Andy MacPhail’s plan has failed and failed hard. The Orioles are in dead last in the AL East, just like when he arrived and there’s no cavalry coming to the rescue.

    This organization needs new leadership and a new plan because this one just set the organization back another five years.

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Tony Pente

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