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    Time for the Orioles to release former 1st round pick Rowell

    In case you missed this on MASN, former 1st round pick Billy Rowell apparently feels “dissed” by an organization that gave him over $2 million dollars only to watch him become a total bust as a prospect.

    In a pretty revealing interview, Rowell took the time to not only take shots at the Director of Minor League Operations John Stockstill, but also a fellow Orioles farmhand.

    "They bring him up and he gets dominated in Double-A. The game was way too fast for him. You know what I mean. They bring him up so it looks like the Derrek Lee trade was a good trade and they diss the guy they gave $2 million dollars to. It's cool, it's their business. But I don't feel like it was carried out in the right manner,” Rowell whined in a phone interview with MASN.

    "If I gave anyone $2 million dollars, I would give them the highest resources possibly available and the most knowledge possibly available," Rowell said.

    So let me see if I get this straight, Rowell is taking a shot at a guy who’s actually had a good season at a full-season club in his career, unlike Rowell himself. Aaron Baker was overwhelmed in his 19 games at Bowie, but apparently Rowell forgot that he was too. After three years in Single-A, the Orioles basically promoted Rowell to Double-A for no other reason than the fact that they had invested a lot of money in him and they might as well see how he does at Double-A before accepting the writing on the wall and releasing him.

    Rowell played in 41 games at Bowie, and in 136 plate appearances he managed to collect just two extra base hits, both doubles, strike out 41 times and put up a “robust” .547 OPS.  

    Guess what Billy, you were dominated as well.

    Apparently Rowell was offered a chance to go to Aberdeen but he turned it down and was rumored to have been offered a chance to convert to pitching which he also turned down.

    It’s unfortunate, but Rowell is the classic example of a player being in denial of his abilities or lack thereof.

    "If you watch my batting practice, it's not like the power is gone. The power has increased since I started in the minors. It just hasn't translated into the game. It's not like the tools are not there.”

    He’s had five minor league seasons to let those tools show up in the game and they have not. On top of it, he’s totally brutal at every position on the field.

    I can’t imagine Rowell coming back next season with the Orioles organization. It certainly looks like it’s time for all parties to go their separate ways.

    Billy Rowell is a bust, pure and simple, and this interview just showed everyone that part of his problem all along has been a severer lack of maturity. He seems to be blaming his failures on everyone but himself, but if anything, the organization has bent over backwards to give him opportunity after opportunity and Rowel has failed at each one of them.

    Rowell has a career .718 OPS, has never hit more than 11 home runs in any season, has struck out 594 times in 2187 professional plate appearances, and has no defensive value at all.

    Looks the game of professional baseball is a little too fast for Billy Rowell

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