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    Betemit's injury could be an opportunity for Flaherty

    Nobody want to see a player get hurt, especially in spring training, but when Wilson Betemit was carted off the field this afternoon, it looked like he was going to be out for awhile. Early reports has it as a sprained PCL, but whatever it ends up being, Betemit almost assuredly will start the year on the DL. So who will get those at bats?

    Nolan Reimold might get first crack at those ABs at DH against right-handers, but I think Buck really likes what Ryan Flaherty brings to the table offensively and versatility wise and he might end up using Flaherty as a sort of super sub that allows guys to get more rest. I can see Flaherty playing 3B occasionally against a tough right-hander to give Machado a break, second base occasionally in order to give Roberts a break, and RF occasionally in order to give Markakis a break. I could see Flaherty starting four times a week including some DH time now that Betemit is out.

    Buck wants his bench to be versatile and having a bench of Teagarden, Casillo (2B/SS/PR), Pearce (LF/RF/1B) and Flaherty (OF/INF) gives him some pop from the left and right side and some speed on the bench with Casillo. Although I like Betemit's bat against right-handers, he truly was a DH due to the fact he was so sub par everywhere you play him. Not so with Flaherty.

    Flaherty is old enough that he doesn't need to go down to AAA to develop. Buck should be able to find him enough ABs with Betemit out now.

    Betemit's injury could be Flaherty's opportunity.

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