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    Give Trembley a chance

    It’s easy to understand why the O’s are courting Joe Girardi to become the next manager. It’s equally easy to see how he will most likely turn us down.


    As a young hard charging player and manager, Girardi is a guy who appears to be a natural leader. He guided a young, overachieving Marlins squad last season to a respectable 78-84 record before getting fired for reportedly yelling at a meddling owner.


    However, the Peoria, Illinois born catcher spent 11 of his 15 years in the big league with the Cubs or Yankees. With the Cubs in turmoil (Piniella is not known for rebuilding) and the possibility of Joe Torre retire after this season, his two dream jobs may open up sooner than later.


    Even with the hiring of Andy MacPhail to run the Orioles, the Orioles job right now is not exactly a great gig. The Orioles are about to complete their 10 straight losing season with a roster with an aging superstar (Tejada) and only one bat in the lineup that has the potential to be an impact bat over the next three years.


    Add in a farm system not ready to deliver any offensive help in the near frutre, and we are not talking about a dream job, especially for a guy who may be close to realizing that dream with his hometown Cubs or adopted Yankee pinstripes.


    Guess what? Who cares?


    If I’m MacPhail, I keep Dave Trembley on as manager through this season and then evaluate the position at the end of the year along with everything else.


    Trembley is not part of the old guard around here and his “do it by the book or else” mentality is a refreshing change from the past. I don’t think any of us know if Trembley is the eventual solution to the Orioles managerial position, but for the very least he’s a great caretaker.


    Why rush in and commit to a manager when MacPhail needs to evaluate his personnel throughout the organization?


    Trembley is a good man to run the ship while looking for the eventual captain. The funny thing is, we may find that our future “captain” may have been under our nose anyway.


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