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    Back to Reality

    Maybe you have noticed, maybe you haven’t, but I haven’t been as active with the Hangout as much as anyone expected. With my move back to the Maryland area, most people, including myself thought I’d be even more involved with the site – especially the minor league stuff.


    Unfortunately, with world events what they are, I’ve been pretty busy in my 9-5 gig since I’ve been back and although I’ve been able to make it out to some major and minor league games, I haven’t had the time to get out as much as I’d like.


    The Hangout has always been an oasis for me. Whether it’s writing my blog, going to major or minor league games, talking to baseball people on the phone, doing radio/TV work, or discussing the latest happenings with Hangouters on the message boards, the Hangout has always been able to take me away from the reality of the very serious things that are going on around the world. The very things I deal with on a daily basis in my regular job.


    Without getting into too much detail, that reality has caught back up with me and I was asked to go back overseas for a while.  As much as I don’t relish leaving my family and going back into a combat zone again, it’s still my duty to do whatever I can for my country and fellow war fighters.


    I was not planning to announce my departure for several reasons including security, but after thinking it over, I figured it was better to just put it out there so people don’t start getting upset with me if I don’t answer their e-mail or message board PM.


    Although I should have access to the Internet at times, I’m not sure how much access I will have so until I announce my return, please send all questions, complaints, problems, and feedback to Scott Hoffmann (editor-oh@orioleshangout.com). Scott has done a tremendous job since taking over the Managing Editor duties and he will continue to shine in my absence.


    I will be leaving very soon, but should be back in time for next season. Before I go, I’d thought I’d throw out my current thoughts on the Orioles:


    1. Bringing in Andy MacPhail to run baseball operations is the best chance for the Orioles to get back to respectability. Mainly, this is because it seems to signal that Peter Angelos has finally stepped out of the decision making process on the baseball side of things. If this proves to be true, and MacPhail can assemble a team he’s comfortable with, I really think we see some needed changes throughout the organization.
    2. Every time Dave Trembley opens his mouth, I’m more impressed with what he says. I truly think MacPhail has to take a serious look at Trembley as the long term answer to the Orioles managerial position.
    3. Garret Olson should stay on the major league roster the rest of the season regardless of whether it’s in the rotation or in the bullpen.
    4. Don’t be surprised to suddenly start hearing the name Brad Bergesen when the Orioles talk about their top pitching prospects.
    5. I don’t blame J.R. House asking for his release from the Orioles. When a team promotes Alberto Castillo and Brandon Fahey and has Paul Bako as it’s back up catcher and still can’t find room for you, it’s time to look for another opportunity. Rumors has it Boston is interested. It’ll be amazing if one of the best team’s in baseball can make room for House but the Orioles can’t. Of course Jon Wilt put it much better then me in this funny article. Well, funny if not for the fact it’s got way too much truth in it.
    6. I love watching this team’s starting pitching and …..  well….. that Jeremy Guthrie is fun to watch ….. and …. that Erik Bedard might have the personality of a turnip but he sure can pitch as well…. and…. well… I’m still convinced we’ll sign Matt Weiters before the 15 August deadline.
    7. Since Mike Flanagan has been in the front office with the Orioles, these are the hitters who have been released as not good enough: Gary Matthews (’03), Jack Cust (’04), Eric Byrnes (’05). Grant it, Cust took three years to finally put up the numbers many of thought he was capable of in the majors, but every one of these guys would make the Orioles a better offensive club right now.
    8. Jeremy Guthrie’s 2.74 ERA is second best in the American League. He’s pitched seven or more innings in 9 of his 12 starts (75%). Bedard’s ERA is 3.67 good for 16th in the AL and has gone seven or more innings 8 of his 18 starts (44.4%). So, who’s pitching like the ace of the staff? Oh, let’s not forget Guthrie was signed on the recommendation by Trembley.


    That’s about it for now. I’ll still be around, but just not as consistently. Thanks for coming to and supporting the Hangout and Go O’s.

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Tony Pente

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