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    Jimenez a risk that needed to be taken

    The Orioles have a good young core but that includes players like Hardy, Davis and Wieters who will all be free agents after this year or next. As much as no one wants to give up first round picks, at the end of the day you can not continue to be risk adverse if you want to compete with this current core.

    Adding Jimenez to a rotation for the next four years may not work out over the entire contract, but if he anchors a rotation that helps the Orioles make the playoffs over the next few seasons, is anyone going to complain if he's not an effective pitcher at 33? Jimenez is a risky signing due to his inconsistencies, but he has talent and if Wallace can work with him to improve his consistency, the Orioles may have a steal when you consider what some of the top pitchers have signed for.

    Although Jimenez may be a bit of a risk, I applaud the Orioles for finally taking on some financial risk and for not looking five years into the future, but for the next few seasons first. Good organizations that believe they can compete worry about the upcoming season, not five years into the future. The Orioles in the past were always so worried about the "future" that the risk they were actually taking on was the risk of relaying almost solely on drafting and development. Although good organizations do very good jobs in both areas, there is a bit of luck that comes when using D&D as the primary means to build for the future. D&D should always be a big part of a successful year in and year out organization, but the top organization know when to augment their core with top free agents.

    That's what Duquette did here and I'm glad to see him take on that risk.

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Tony Pente

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