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    He's Baaaacccckkk!

    Over the years the message board here at the Hangout is always clamoring for some hot shot minor league player to be given an opportunity with the Orioles. Normally it’s because the major league team has such obvious holes in the lineup that of course the guy hitting .320 in Triple-A could do better.

    First it was Howie Clark, then Calvin Pickering, Mike Kinkade, and John Stephens on the pitching side. There’s been huge threads on the lack of promotions for Jack Cust, Walter Young, Luis Terrero and last year for JR House and Jon Knott. Usually our own Jon Wilt is stirring the pot showing how the player of the moment’s Triple-A stats suggest the player would perform just as good or better than the under performing Orioles currently getting at bats.

    In reality, these players most likely could have put up what the current player was doing and possibly have done even better, but besides Cust, who bounced around the minors a few more years and underwent a surgery before finding success last year with the A’s, none of these players ever left the Orioles and found sustained success at the major league level.

    However, one of the Hangout golden children have returned to Birdland (ok, I know that’s a sore subject for some people judging by the board) when the Orioles quietly resigned Terrero to a minor league contract.

    Actually, considering a guy like Chris Roberson was put on the 40-man roster, this is kind of surprising because Terrero has actually done something Roberson hasn’t and that’s hit above Double-A. I’m not sure how a guy like Roberson gets a 40-man spot while Terrero is a minor league contract. Not that either guy is the next coming, but it would just seem that Terrero has more value.

    Either way, Terrero started off on a tear last year with the White Sox before slumping badly in the second half of the season. Even when getting uneven at bats, Terrero still put up a .722 OPS against lefties which means he might not be the worse option to platoon with Tike Redman in centerfield if Jay Payton is traded and a better option is not acquired before the season starts.

    And yes, I do realize how bad that sounds especially if Erik Bedard and/or Brian Roberts are not moved for significant prospects.

    Just keep telling yourself, “We are rebuilding…we are rebuilding!”

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