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    Spring Thoughts

    Here we are just a week away from opening day and the Orioles still have a few question marks left for the opening day 25-man roster. Here’s the locks:


    1B Kevin Millar

    2B: Brian Roberts (If he’s not traded)

    3B: Melvin Mora

    C: Ramon Hernandez

    DH: Aubrey Huff

    LF: Luke Scott

    CF: Adam Jones

    RF Nick Markakis

    OF: Jay Payton

    C: Guillermo Quiroz

    SP: Jeremy Guthrie

    SP: Daniel Cabrera

    SP: Steve Trachsel

    P: Adam Loewen

    RP: George Sherrill

    RP: Jamie Walker

    RP: Chad Bradford

    RP: Dennis Sarfate
    RP: Randor Bierd

    RP: Greg Aquino


    Here’s the Questions:

    5th SP: Matt Albers is still battling with Brian Burres for the 5th starters job but with Adam Loewen struggling so badly this spring, you wonder if both might make the rotation with Loewen pitching out of relief until he can find the plate. Either way, one should end up in the rotation and one as the long reliever.


    SS: As bad as Luis Hernandez has been you have think the Orioles will be scouring the waiver wire at the end of spring. My guess is the Orioles go outside the organization for a SS and keep Brandon Fahey as the utility guy.


    With a 12-man pitching staff, the Orioles will only carry four bench players with Quiroz, Payton, and Fahey probably taking up three of the spots. Although the Orioles would love to move Jay Gibbons once he comes off the suspension list, it’s doubtful they’ll eat his contract. Tike Redman or Scott Moore will get Gibbons’ spot until he returns with Moore the most likely choice since he could spell Mora or Millar against a tough righty.


    Fanfest Minor League Forum:


    Yours truly will be part of the minor league forum at 3PM at Fanfest next Saturday at Camden Yards. I will be fielding questions from the audience and afterwards, I’ll be giving away some free Orioles tickets so come on out.


    Heading to Sarasota


    I’m leaving for Sarasota on Monday morning and will spend three days up close with our minor leaguers in Sarasota. Keep an eye on our minor league reports for my thoughts. If you have any burning questions post them in our minor league forum and I’ll try to answer them in the evenings.

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