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    Is Loewen ready?

    The Orioles put Jamie Walker on the disabled list and activated Adam Loewen today. While this move is not surprising, I have to wonder whether he’s ready.


    Yes, I know he’s pitched well until struggling on Saturday night, but I saw him in that outing and I did not see a pitcher ready to go back to the show. His velocity was between 86-89 MPH with little life and he threw a couple of flat sliders.


    On top of the lack of dynamic stuff, his command was off. He also got visibly upset when he thought he was squeezed on a call.


    Now this very well may have just been an off night in his rehab, but it certainly was not the outing I’d like to see before he got the call back to the big leagues especially when he still had time left in his rehab.


    Now the good news in all of this is we learned something else about super prospect Matt Wieters. Now I’ve heard lots of great stuff from coaches, pitchers, and scouts about Wieters ability to handle pitchers, but when Loewen became visibly upset after a close pitch was called a ball, he immediately went out to talk to his pitcher.


    Now you may be saying, “That’s what he’s supposed to do,” and of course you would be right, but to see a first year professional catcher identify and then immediately have the confidence to go out and talk to a big league pitcher on rehab, that tells me something.


    I know you’ve heard this before, but Wieters is the complete package. No doubt.

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Tony Pente

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