• Mar

    Welcome to the New Hangout

    Tony's gives a quick hello in his new blog on the new Hangout.

  • Mar

    Does Anyone Else not Care about Hidalgo?

    Tony looks at the Hidalgo situation, pitcher's getting a longer look due to the WBC, and the organization's top middle infield prospect.

  • Mar

    Loewen Impresses

    Tony takes a look at Loewen's performance and a few players he's never heard of on the USA WBC squad.

  • Mar

    Another spring day, another spring loss

  • Mar

    Maybe It's Me?

    Tony wonders whether the Orioles should pay him not to write?

  • Mar

    It is Me

    Tony looks into the Gracesqui incident and the Mazzone effect in the minors

  • Mar

    Minor League Camp Starts Smoothly

    Tony takes a quick look minor league spring training including some surprises, early achievers and a sleeper.

  • Mar

    Say it aint so Sam, say it aint so

    Although Perlozzo mentioned Penn as a possible reliever, tony shows their are better candidates

  • Mar

    Chris Smith Saga

    The former number one draft picks explains when he was hurt and whether or not he had a pre-draft deal with the O's.

  • Mar

    Markakis proves he’s ready

    Could the O's have their first rookie of the year candidate?

  • Mar

    Reimold/Pope making impressions

    Julio Vinas gives us an update on a few minor league hitters making impressions in Sarasota.

  • Mar

    Bad Vibes

    Tony wonders if our current concerns could spell doom for 2006.

Tony Pente

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