• Jun

    Horrible pitch selection and location costs game

    6/30 - George Sherrill blew his second game in a row but Tony thinks the main blame goes to Ramon Hernandez.

  • Jul

    All-you-can-eat at Camden Yards

    Looking for a great way to spend a night at Camden Yards?

  • Jul

    O's pitching depth becoming slim

    7/6 - With Adam Loewen going down and with the Orioles starting pitchers struggling, the O's may have to bring up some new faces from the minors.

  • Jul

    Step off the Ledge...It's ok!!

    7/10 - After the Orioles lose their fifth straight game, Tony says all is not lost as long as you look things the right way.

  • Jul

    Loewen's decision good for alll

    7/21 - Adam Loewen's decision to give up pitching is good for all involved and look around the minors.

  • Jul

    New data may improve prospect evaluations

    7/23 - Tony looks at ground ball and line drive rates by hitters and suggests they can be valuable in determining the next hitting prospects and suspects. Also, a position change for Nolan Reimold?

  • Jul

    Trembley has to take partial blame for this one

    7/25 - Manager Dave Trembley has to take part of the blame for the Orioles 6-5 loss last night and a look at some potential starters for the O's.

  • Jul

    Interesting night for Cabrera

    7/30 - Cabrera has an interesting evening in New York, some thoughts on whether Aubrey Huff will be traded or not, and will the Orioles sign Brian Matusz?

Tony Pente

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